Welcome to my first blog post

Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of Swedish Weaving!


Swedish Weaving is my passion, as you already know.

It all started when I was given a piece of Monk's Cloth that was prepped and ready to be woven with some yarn and a bodkin needle. Well, I guess, as they say "The rest is history!"  I was hooked the first time I tried my hand at Swedish Weaving.  I had a Dressmaking business for over 10 years and had to close it to open Christine's Swedish Weaving.  

With a degree in Fashion Design and having worked in the industry, it gave me a great foundation for designing and teaching. Now as an Entrepreneur, I have the freedom to teach others how to weave. I love watching their faces light up when they get it. Then I know they are hooked.

Doing craft shows are great, as I get to meet so many other crafters. We are an amazing bunch of people with vivid imaginations. I also visit Guilds and Swedish Weaving groups promoting my business and answering as many questions as possible. I enjoy meeting fellow weavers and seeing their creations. It's all so inspiring! 

Should you wish to have me at your group or Guild, please email me so we can set something up. 

Well I must get back to my designing and weaving.

Thanks for the visit & happy weaving,





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