Christmas Patterns Book

36 pages

by Christine Allan

Product Description This book contains 11 festive patterns for Swedish Weaving or Huck Embroidery. All patterns are specially designed for Monk's Cloth. Each pattern has detailed instructions and colour photographs, including close-ups of the various parts of the designs. Also included are helpful hints such as fabric preparation, terms, stitching techniques, color and design. Paper is also included to make up your own designs. Patterns in this book are for the beginner all the way up to the advanced weavers.

About the Author Christine Allan's passion has always evolved around textiles. Christine graduated from LaSalle College in Montreal with a degree in Fashion Design. One of her professors asked her to apply for the Fibers & Textiles teaching position in the Design department and subsequently Christine taught there for several years.

For the past 10 years Christine has owned and operated her own dressmaking business but has now changed her direction with her introduction of Swedish Weaving. She is an importer of the Monk's Cloth fabric as well as a pattern designer and teacher/demonstrator of this wonderful art form. She is bringing this lost art form back to life with a modern twist.


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